I’m a weirdo, a complete and utter weirdo and a HUGE horror geek.

In fact, I’ve been running my own genre site for nearly a decade now.

I think this gives me quite an edge over a lot of the competition, who mostly feel stuffy, clunky, and dated. Don’t get me wrong, if you can afford it, there are certainly some very slick, big-shot NY agencies that could run circles around anything I’ll ever be able to do.

However, if you’re an independent creator or small team, you may be more inclined to put your budget toward creating the best product you possibly can. In fact, if you have little-to-no money at all for professional services, I work hard to help fellow creators promote their stuff completely free.

I’m very passionate about all things horror and very connected to the pulse of the community. The reason I wanted to start HorrorPR is because I, myself, have dealt with a lot of PR agencies over the years and I think I can improve on a lot of the problems that I see.

I hope you’ll say hello.

— Black @halloween

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